Top tourist destinations in north India which you should explore

The northern part of India is a jungle full of metropolitan cities, historical places, amazing tourist attractions and amazing street food to taste. In other words its a paradise for travellers around the globe. So today I plan to share the top 5 destinations of north India which an addicted traveller must explore.

1. New Delhi. The capital of India.

New Delhi has been the power house of India since the Mahabharata era and even today this amazing city is a tourist paradise. Out of all the destinations which one can explore I will suggest The India Gate. India Gate is central Delhi, very close to southern Delhi. India Gate is jam packed with locals, travellers and some ice cream sellers in the evening and the structure of this monument reminds of the sacrifice of all those Indians which laid their lives for their motherland. So in my eyes there is no better place than India Gate in Delhi.

Apart from India gate, I will suggest my fellow travellers to do some shopping in DLF Select City Walk Mall, book accommodation in south Delhi under 2000 and do explore the neighbouring cities of Gurgaon and Noida.

India gate

2. Jal Mahal, Jaipur. A palace on water.

Established in the 17th century, Jaipur is a city with rich culture, huge forts & palaces and some amazing luxury resorts which are 300 to 500 year old and now are counted as some of the finest resorts in the world. Out of all the tourist destinations Jal Mahal is a shining gem of Jaipur. Jal Mahal is the only palace in Jaipur which is inside the Man Sagar lake and as per the currect news the palace will soon turned into a 7 star resort. As I am a lover of the city so I will love to be in the 1st 100 list of people who have reserved accommodation this amazing resort.

Apart from Jal Mahal, I will suggest to explore Amer fort & Anokhi museum and get accommodation in the Amer road which will not cost more than 1000.

Jal Mahal

Jal Mahal

3. Taj Mahal, Agra

Now how can this list be called complete if I don’t mention Taj Mahal in it. Build by a Mughal emperor Taj Mahal is at number 1 in the top 7 wonders of the world. Today Taj Mahal is considered as the crown of India which every backpacker who has entered India can’t miss.

Apart from Taj Mahal, I will suggest you to stay in the Taj Palace hotel, just 5-7 kms from the Taj and believe me that this hotel is the best in India by the famous Taj group. Though the budget for a reservation here isn’t friendly at any backpacker pocket.

Taj Agra

Taj Agra

4. Maharaja Palace, Shimla

Maharaja Palace isn’t in Shimla. Actually its a bit far from the city but the history attaches this palace with Shimla. Actually there is a funny story behind Maharaja Palace. The king of Shimla was a Sikh and has good ties with the Britishers. One day the Sikh king flirted with the British Governor which resulted in the departure of the king from the city. But the king was an expert politician and a man of bravery. So he prepared a palace (current, Maharaja Palace) and from there he was able to keep an eye on every activity of Shimla.

So if you are in Shimla than stay in this Maharaja Palace. Booking here isn’t expensive but the view is priceless. Have a look at the below Image.

Maharaja Palace earn Shimla

Maharaja Palace earn Shimla

5. The land of Gurus, Amritsar

Amritsar, also known as the land of Gurus is a city guru Sikhs and the best destination for travellers who wants to see some rare destinations. The Golden Temple is the heart of Amritsar and is the one of the 5 most important Sikh temples in the world. (1 of them is in Pakistan). The Golden temple isn’t only confined to Sikhs. People from all creeds, colour and religion are welcome.

The best time to visit Golden temple will never be weekends as these days are jam packed with locals. And do have some digestion pills and Punjab offer some of the yummy cuisines in the world. Have a look at below image of the temple.

The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple


Guest Author Post by Jacob the traveller on his USP – Backpack

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Shopping, Travelling and Accommodation in Delhi at a nice price

Hi all, we are in the capital and have finished our shopping and travelling in the city. So I though that it would be really nice if I could share my story that what are some nice destinations in New Delhi which one can choose to stay, do some shopping and explore some amazing destinations.

new delhi

1. Hotel Booking

Always prefer South Delhi. We stayed in a hotel in south delhi name Hotel GTC. The hotel is in GK 2 which is a posh colony od South Delhi. Now our hotel was well connected with road transportation, had a calm road even though its on GK 2 main road, have a nice restaurant which they call it as a lounge and most important all the major shopping malls and food joints are nearby. So south delhi has to be your hotel option.

2. Shopping Malls

Saket city select walk is by far the best shopping mall in delhi. The place has every thing from amazing kindle to Armani pajamas. The best thing about this mall is varity in shoes, clothes and food joints. I bought a Kindle firm HD from a electronic store and this isn’t available in Jaipur. So visit ant shopping destination in delhi but do visit Saket city select walk.

3. Qutub Minar

I was finally able to see Qutub minor in my New Delhi vacation this time. The minar which meant tower is a 700+ year old structure build by a Islamic ruler after his victory of a local king. Well leave the history part aside, the tower is a perfect detination for couples to sit together so its good option for you guys. :)

So that all folks. Hope you might have learnt something new from this post. If you want to join us in our next trip to a holiday destination than just comment.


Welcome to my Pink city of Shopping

The term Pink City is given to my hometown Jaipur. Jaipur is a city which has become a tourist attraction for global travellers and with backpackers coming here from all around the world the pink city is filled with shopping lovers. As we the Jaipur fashion designers, Jewellers and even street food venders are experts in the field of Shopping we are making a good profit from this Pink city of Shopaholics.

So today I, Jatin Chhabra, Founder of Jaipur’s 1st online shopping resource site Shoppingadvisor.in, want to share some amazing shopping destinations which one should visit. I personally love the wide variety of gems and jewelry, as Jaipur is no doubt a city of ancient Jewellers. Some Jewellers here are like 400 year old.

The expensive one way lane of MI Road

The expensive one way lane of MI Road

MI Road is Jaipur best destination to buy some of the most expensive gemstones and place of award winning Jewelry studios like Birdhichand ghanshyam das, Mikala silver, Sunita shekhawat etc. Now a question comes that why Jaipur Jewelry Studios are different from rest of the world? Answer is that some of them are globally renowned Astrologers and many Indian industrialists and Actress visits them not just for shopping but to get the best gemstones as per their planets.

Even if you are not interested to buy some amazing rings, necklace etc, as per your planets, that’s cool. Believe me you can never find such a wide variety of Jewelry & gems as you can explore it at MI Road. Just click here to have a look at some of the best Jewellers in Jaipur city.

The ethnic clothing of Jaipur

The ethnic clothing of Jaipur

In Jaipur, majority fashion designers aren’t engaged in western clothing. Popular clothing styles in Jaipur are Saree and Indian bridal wears. Though every Indian state has its own Saree making style but Jaipur is nationally famous for its bridal saree as it has the stamp of Jaipur royalty. The borders of Jaipur bridal saree are made up of golden threads and it has some pretty expensive gems on it. If you want to view some of the finest Jaipur Saree makers then do visit my site’s Saree page.

The handmade style of organic cloth making

The handmade style of organic cloth making

In India globalization came in 1991. Many old tribal and ethnic wears took a blow as the locals were now more interested in the fusion of fashion which also hit Jaipur in 91. Jaipur was once the global centre of handmade clothing but now this art is almost vanished. Though some local entrepreneurs like Rachel Bracken and her husband Pritam Singh started the famous Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing which is also a UNESCO award winner for ‘Cultural Conservation’ in the year 2000.In Anokhi Museum one can get hand block printing textile and hand-stitched blankets which is very rare and also enjoy a lunch at their cool café.

For me places like Anokhi are the real presenter of Jaipur Fashion and Shopping industry and I personally welcome all the reader of my blog to experience shopping in my city.